Alan Alpenfelt Swiss performance and installation artist, theatre director and trainer, community & youth radio empowerer, record producer. 


︎︎︎Photo by Antoine Läng 
« Le paysage est donc le résultat hautement artificiel, non-naturel, d’une culture qui redéfinit perpétuellement sa relation avec la nature. Ce qui renvoie au paradoxe suivant: l’expérience du paysage est en général, et en premier lieu, une expérience de soi. Il y va autant de ce que le sujet perçoit que de l’acte de percevoir en tant que tel. Le sujet fait donc entièrement partie du paysage qu’il compose, ce qui implique la non-identité foncière du phénomène ou bien l’histoire du paysage ou encore autrement: l’histoire de la conscience du paysage. Le paysage n’existe en réalité que dans cette conscience, ou mieux: il est cette conscience. »
Jakob, M. (2013). Le paysage. Infolio.

Sound and radio installation Art Book
2022 ︎Work in progress

Concept & Broadcasting
Alan Alpenfelt

Sound art
Olga Kokcharova

Alfio Tommasini

O-O-O is an observation of how artists and scientists interact together in their search for truth. 
Whatever artists and scientists are looking for, it will probably be unconventional and tend towards trespassing limits. Explorations to find new truths or to deconstruct them, will be extreme, whether in the deepest core of a photon or on the surface of an iceberg.

O-O-O endorses the selected Tandems of artists and scientists of the PolArts project’s in documenting their work to the outside world offering a viewpoint on artistic and scientific interdisciplinary experimentation. It wants to shine light on what lies behind their research and highlight the fact that before anything else, scientists and artists are humans interacting with each other.

Sound artist Olga Kokcharova and Alan Alpenfelt become the observers of observers who need to go far, far away to look for new answers. What are they looking for? Why do they need to go so far away to find it?

The goal of O-O-O is to follow the Tandems in the steps of their work to the most remote arctic places on earth, recording their sounds and conversations, during their meetings, journeys and field work. The recordings will be broadcast directly from the farthest field-work environment of each group through a mobile satellite-radio station to four listening spaces in Switzerland.

Olga and I, once we start observing, will we be looking for something we already want to find?
This is why we want to be followed too and be observed while observing the observer. So we asked photographer Alfio Tommasini to become the third observer, the third “O”. 

Three levels are created:
Scientist and artist observing the world.
Sound and radio artists observing the scientist and artist.
Photographer observing the sound and radio artists observing the scientists and artists observing the world.

The three levels (Tandem, Sound, Photography) will be ultimately collected and published in a book. The book will contain a collection of images, photos and sounds.

I like to listen to sounds for what they are and also to follow their "inner logic". For me, each sound recording contains an imprint of a space where it was produced and the sound mixing work is done in a way to respect this travelling of the ear from one space to another. I also try to do the recordings in a way that each one already suggests a dramaturgy by itself, whereas in most radio works I hear, the sounds are used to create effects. I also like accidents of the recording process and things you are not supposed to do as a sound engineer, being experimental with the recording medium in a way. - Olga

In collaboration with
Swiss Polar Institute
Pro Helvetia

Funded by
Pro Helvetia

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