Alan Alpenfelt Swiss performance and installation artist, theatre director and trainer, community & youth radio empowerer, record producer. 

Mein Vater Erzählt Mir Jeden Sonntag Unsere Neun Planeten

A ship is the greatest reservoir of imagination. Civilizations without boats tend dry up their dreams. Espionage replacesadventure, police replace pirates.
Michel Foucault

24h performance

2018 ︎

Alan Alpenfelt, Francesca Sproccati

Mein Vater Erzählt Mir Jeden Sonntag Unsere Neun Planeten is a sound and performance installation curated by Alan Alpenfelt and Francesca Sproccati. It invites the public to discover heterotopic spaces where the experience of listening and sharing solitude helps to detach ourselves towards unfamiliar places, to a spiritual space that re-opens the imagination, creativity and the way we reflect upon things.

Two urban shops are transformed into spaceships and inhabited by two astronauts for the duration of 24 hours, both connected by a radio transmission.
The first one is a radio station that wants to question the unknown spaces beyond the boundaries of the Earth through the practice of listening.
The second one is a place where the gaze is focused on the relationship of intimacy between human beings, exploring the distance that separates one body from another through the practice of listening and spending time dancing, taking care of a garden made of memories of encounters with old people.

Francesca and Alan are both convinced that there are fewer and fewer uncontaminated places on Earth to explore alternative views on society and on themselves. So they decided to go into Space; a place in which the absence of gravity allows new experiments.
By entering a spaceship and navigating in solitude, they can drift towards heterotopic spaces made of sound and subjective time, where listening experiences and meditation help them to detach from what is known and defined. A necessary and spiritual space to re-open their imagination, creativity and the way they reflect upon things.

Unlike utopias which console us by giving us virtuous and perfect spaces to imagine, heterotopias suspend any sort of given truth. They are disquieting because they secretly undermine our language, break up and tangle clichés, devastate the "syntax" that keeps words and things together. They dry up the pre-existing discourse, they block the meaning of words, retracing their roots from every possibility of grammatic expression.

In a world overwhelmed by visual consciousness and political compliance, Alan and Francesca want to explore new places capable of cultivating alternative imagination.

Each in their own, they pass a day and a night bathed in spatial sound “travelling” for 24 hours from a point A to a point B. On their way, they encounter objects, planets and ufos that activate sound works collected during a call. Every minute of the transmission of the journey corresponds to 4,101,650 km.

The public can freely access the two spaceships at any time of the performance and remain with them as much as they want. They are invited to listen together and participate in the solitary activities that each astronaut undertakes while passing the time during the long journey.

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Funded by 
Republic and Canton of Ticino - Swisslos