Alan Alpenfelt Swiss performance and installation artist, theatre director and trainer, community & youth radio empowerer, record producer. 

This Message Was Deleted

Prohibited is that which is forbidden, prohibited, cancelled. Deleted. But its Latin etymology tells us something more, giving a complex image of what is not allowed: prohibere, in fact, literally means to "have in front". And this is no coincidence. Forbidden is what we do not allow ourselves. Yet it is before our eyes. It is denial, taboo, law, but also desire, secret, unspeakable. The forbidden tells us who we are, both as a collective and as individuals.
Letizia Russo

One-to-one performance
2022 ︎

Alan Alpenfelt, Letizia Russo

Authors who have been on the project
Oisin Kearney, Sarah Chia-Jewell, Tommaso Giacopini, Ric Renton, Kim de l’Horizon, Giulietta Mottini

This Message Was Deleted brings together a writer and an audience member to interact as performers through an intimate dialogue on the theme of the prohibited.
During the performance, an audience member meets an Oracle through a virtual room and has 20 minutes to ask a question and elaborate on it. The Oracle guides them through a dialogue towards recognising or giving a name to their own “forbidden” thought. The collated writing from these dialogues becomes a dramatic text  constructed by several hands, without any hand knowing who the other hands are.

With the kind support of
Pro Helvetia
Swiss Selection Edinburgh ChiassoLetteraria

Past events

Swiss Selection Edinburgh 2021
Writing workshop & Work-in-progress public online performance
Reattore B,
Biennale Chiasso, CH