Alan Alpenfelt Swiss performance and installation artist, theatre director and trainer, community & youth radio empowerer, record producer. 

Words and Music

"Sensational immersion into Beckett: a shower of music and sound!" - Corriere della Sera
"Adele Raes, surprising expressive talent" - Migros Azione
"A show of authentic sensitivity that strikes even the subconscious" - Il Sipario
"Spectacular and innovative, it grasps the spirit of Beckett" - ChiassoLetteraria
"I was so shaken I had to put my organs back into place" -
Audience member

Musical theatre
2015 - 2018

︎Selected at the Rencontre du Théâtre Suisse 2016

Written by
Samuel Beckett

Alan Alpenfelt

Adele Raes

Live music NITON (Zeno Gabaglio, Luca Xelius Martegani, El Toxique)

Roberto Mucchiut

In an unspecified future, which could also be the past, a crippled being called Croak keeps Joe (Words) and Bob (Music) prisoners in a tower. Regularly he visits them, demanding they formulate expressions on th emeanings of ancient human concepts, such as Love and Aging. Bob talks through music, Joe through words, both trying to please the despotic Croak and bring him back towards vivid images of beauty and the fullness of life. One night in the tower, Croak sees a face through the candle light. The force of this memory is unbearable, physically overwhelming. It shakes the existence of all three and obliges Croak to retire, leaving Joe and Bob to their tragic fate.
Alan Alpenfelt together with alluring electronic experimental group NITON investigate the visual force of the sound consciousness of Words and Music, committed to the idea that Samuel Beckett’s radio drama is now more than ever of disarming modernity.

Co-produced by

Funded by
FSRC - Fondazione svizzera per la radio e la cultura
Repubblica e Cantone Ticino - Fondi SwisslosErnst Göhner Stiftung

Past events

Rencontre du Théâtre Suisse
Genève, CH

LAC - Lugano Arte e Cultura