Alan Alpenfelt Swiss performance and installation artist, theatre director and trainer, community & youth radio empowerer, record producer. 

Waste Kompost Radio

In every piece of recorded sound, there is a kind of potential for its undoing [...] you can actually recompose as well as deconstruct the underlying logic of a tune and make something completely other out of it.
The Strangeness of Dub - Edward George

Sound Installation
2022 ︎  

Concept & Waste collection
Daniela Allocca
Alan Alpenfelt

Sustained by:
Pro Helvetia
Migros Kultur Prozent

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Waste Kompost Radio is a radio flow composed of sonic waste discarded during editing processes. Radios, composers, artists from around the world are invited to send their unwanted “sound waste”, everything which has been considered wrong or useless and therefore cut out. It is collected and processed through algorithms which gradually decompose the information in the same way biological and chemical reactions decompose organic material into compost.

The time in which we live is characterised by a disproportionate production of objects, which translates into a disproportionate production of waste. According to some scholars we have moved from the anthropocene to the Wasteocene (Armiero, 2021): we are in fact living in the age of waste. The culture of waste is a culture that has unlearnt to reuse waste or to envisage a production where nothing has to be discarded. We are fed official narratives to follow and asked to relegate waste to unseen hiding places, we use the margins as a receptacle for the unseen rather than enhancing them as a place of richness and proliferation of diversity.

Art finds its life in waste. Art is not immediately something beautiful to look at or listen to. But Art can help us rethink official paradigms by taking discarded imperfections and offering us a lense into looking at them more closely. Inside the narratives of waste we might find that unwantedness is the source for a new and healthier world.
This is why we wish to explore the concept of compost and create a parallel system that decentralizes humans from their main narratives and places them as listeners of what they decide is not fit. It means assuming responsibility for what is being discarded and at the same time asks them to contribute actively in a conscious way.

Compost is the observable proof of how life is a cycle made of interacting differences, where nothing remains the same and everything serves a greater purpose.

Waste Kompost Radio constitutes a place of sonic inclusion where its practices learn from the forest how to relate to all living things. This inclusive process operates as a translation taking place in compost, recovering what is considered unproductive, excluded and useless and transforms it into a sonic fertilizing substance, giving it back in an enriched form to the cycle of life.



WKR 25h broadcast - #01
11 - 12 February 2024

WKR Installation launch
FIT Festival, Lugano - CH
4-8 October 2023

WKR Residency
Palazzo Trevisan, Venice
Pro Helvetia Arts Residency
17 - 23 October 2022

Le Festival des Échecs
Espace libre Visarte
Biel/Bienne (CH)
30.6 - 28.7.2021